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Termii is a communication platform that provides businesses with tools and APIs to engage with their customers via SMS, voice, email, and other messaging channels. It offers features such as bulk messaging, two-factor authentication, customer engagement campaigns, and analytics to help businesses effectively reach their target audience and manage their communication channels

Termii-JS is an open source SDK Node client library that provides seamless integration with the Termii API, allowing developers to easily consume all available Termii services in their JavaScript projects. Whether you're building a web application or a backend service, Termii-JS simplifies the process of sending SMS, voice, and email messages, implementing two-factor authentication, and managing customer engagement campaigns.


  • Complete API Coverage: Termii-JS supports all available Termii API endpoints, allowing you to leverage the full range of messaging and communication services provided by Termii.
  • Easy Integration: Termii-JS makes it effortless to integrate Termii functionality into your Node.js and JavaScript/TypeScript projects.
  • Flexible and Extensible: The library is designed to be flexible and extensible, enabling you to customize and adapt it to your specific requirements.
  • Error Handling and Validation: Termii-JS includes robust error handling and validation mechanisms, ensuring smooth and reliable communication with the Termii API.

Collaboration and Contribution:

Termii-JS is an open source project, and collaboration is welcome! If you're interested in contributing to the development of the library, please check out the GitHub repository: GitHub Repo. You can fork the repository, make changes, and submit pull requests to contribute to its improvement. Feedback, bug reports, and feature requests are also appreciated.


Termii-JS is available as a package on npm, making it easy to install and manage in your Node.js projects. You can install it using npm or yarn by running the following command:

         npm install @brvhprince/termii-js


Comprehensive documentation is available to help you get started with Termii-JS. It provides detailed instructions on installation, usage, and integration with the Termii API. You can find the documentation here.

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