Ghana Universities API - Explore Higher Education Institutions

The Ghana Universities API provides you with a powerful tool to access a curated list of public and private universities and colleges across the nation. Whether you're a student, researcher, or simply curious about the educational options available, this API offers a seamless way to retrieve valuable data

How the API Works

The Ghana Universities API is built using the Node.js and Express framework, ensuring fast and efficient responses to your queries. With a user-friendly design, it offers a range of endpoints to cater to different use cases.

  • List All Universities:
    • Request Method: GET
    • Path: /universities
    • Retrieve an extensive list of all universities and colleges in Ghana. The data is returned in JSON format, allowing for easy integration into your applications
  • University Details:
    • Request Method: GET
    • Path: /universities/{nickname}
    • Obtain in-depth information about a specific university by providing its nickname as a parameter. This includes details such as the university's foundation year, name, location, and type.
  • Filtering Options:
    • Request Method: GET | POST
    • Path: /filter[FilterOptions]
    • Customize your search using various filtering options. Filter universities based on parameters like foundation year, name, nickname, location, and type. This flexibility ensures that you can tailor your results to match your specific interests.

Visit the GitHub repository to access the source code and dive into the technical details. The repository includes a comprehensive README that provides insights into how to set up the API, make requests, and contribute to the project.

Explore the live API at to interact with the endpoints and experience the functionality firsthand.

Contribute and Customize:

The beauty of open-source projects is that you can actively participate and tailor the API to your needs. The repository encourages contributions, allowing you to suggest improvements, add features, and even create your own personalized version of the API. The README in the repository provides detailed instructions on how to get started and become a part of the project's growth.

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