African Games UI with Next.js


In the dynamic realm of sports, creating engaging and seamless user interfaces is crucial for delivering an immersive experience to enthusiasts and effective management tools to administrators. Ebo Bentil entrusted me with a challenging and exciting task: to convert 120 intricate Figma UI designs into a semantic responsive web interface for the African Games. My mission was to bring the excitement of the games to life through cutting-edge technology and thoughtful design.

Project Scope:

My task was clear: transform Ebo Bentil's vision into reality by creating a responsive web interface that seamlessly integrated with the African Games theme. The project required me to tackle two major design files: one for the client-facing experience and another for administration.

Technical Approach:

Tech Stack: I harnessed the power of Next.js, a React framework that enabled me to achieve server-side rendering, enhancing both performance and user experience. Leveraging Bootstrap and SCSS, I ensured responsiveness and maintainable styles.

Client UI: My primary goal was to design an engaging and dynamic interface for sports enthusiasts. The client UI, accessible at, immersed users in the vibrant world of African sports, allowing them to explore tournaments, and event details seamlessly.

Admin UI: The administration aspect posed a unique challenge. I implemented role-based management, providing custom page accessibility for different admin roles. Roles such as LOC, Federation, Authority, Ministry, and Commission were seamlessly integrated, allowing testers and QA teams to simulate various roles for comprehensive testing. The admin UI, accessible at, provided a robust platform for efficient event management.


  1. Seamless User Experience: Through the meticulous conversion of Figma designs, I achieved a consistent and engaging user experience, enhancing the connection between sports enthusiasts and the games.
  2. Role-Based Management: The introduction of role-based management streamlined the testing process, enabling comprehensive testing of different admin roles and the entire flow.
  3. Responsive Design: My commitment to responsive design ensured optimal access and navigation across various devices, catering to the diverse needs of users.


The African Games UI development project for Ebo Bentil marked a significant milestone in my portfolio. By successfully converting 120 Figma UI designs into a dynamic web interface, I demonstrated my ability to marry technology with design, delivering an immersive experience to both sports enthusiasts and administrators.


Ebo Bentil's vision, combined with my expertise in UI development, resulted in a successful project that bridges the gap between sports enthusiasts and efficient administration. The African Games UI development project exemplifies my commitment to creating engaging and responsive digital experiences. As I continue to evolve and innovate, I look forward to embarking on new journeys that push the boundaries of technology and design.

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