Ghana's Administrative Divisions API - Regions, Districts, and Capitals

Built using Node.js and Express, this API provides a comprehensive dataset of Ghana's regions, their districts, and the corresponding capitals. Whether you're a researcher, a traveler, or a developer seeking location-based data, this API offers a valuable resource to explore.

How the API Works

Powered by the Node.js and Express technology stack, the Administrative Divisions API offers a seamless way to access information about Ghana's administrative divisions.

  • List All Regions:
    • Request Method: GET
    • Path: /regions
    • Retrieve a complete list of all regions in Ghana. Each region entry includes details about its districts and the capital city. The data is structured in JSON format, allowing for easy integration into various applications.
  • Districts of a Specific Region:
    • Request Method: GET
    • Path: /regions/{region_code}
    • Explore the districts within a specific region by providing the region code as a parameter. This endpoint provides insights into the distribution of districts and the capital city of the chosen region.

Visit the GitHub repository to access the API's source code and gain insights into its inner workings. The repository includes a comprehensive README that guides you through setup, usage, and contributing to the project.

Experience the API's functionality in action by visiting Interact with the endpoints and explore the administrative divisions of Ghana.

Region Codes:

To streamline your exploration, refer to the provided codes.txt file within the repository. This file contains region codes that you can use to access specific regions and their districts.

Contribute and Customize:

The power of open-source projects lies in collaboration. The repository welcomes contributions, allowing you to enhance the API, suggest improvements, and adapt it to your needs. The README in the repository provides clear instructions on how to get started and become an active part of the project's growth.

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